What does it mean to save the collapsing and exhausting earth

Please tell us the points you challenged in development.

Mr. Okajima: “Earth Defense Force 6” is a complete sequel to “Earth Defense Force 5”, and the story is connected.

It will be a spoiler for those who have not played, but in “Earth Defense Force 5”, human beings were finally able to retreat an alien civilization called Primer. However, 90% of humankind has died, that is, the civilization has just ended in a collapsed state.

It is the first attempt in the series to make a sequel from such a state.

It was a shock to shift from a temporary victory to a world view that gradually collapses.

Mr. Okajima: To briefly explain the numbering EDF series so far, “Earth Defense Force” and “Earth Defense Force 2” are like episodes in the first half and the second half, with one title. It’s complete, but it has a connection to the story.

Until the repulsion of Invader in “Earth Defense Force”. A few years after that, Invaders will come again in “Earth Defense Force 2”, but at that time the earth is in a state of reconstruction to some extent.

“Earth Defense Force 3” and “Earth Defense Force 4” have a similar relationship, and there is still a reconstruction period between the two works, and the earth has been restored to some extent. In this way, the sequels of the first and second half are drawn in the works so far.

Many games are organized in trilogy, but in the “Earth Defense Force” series, it’s like a trilogy.

Mr. Okajima: That’s right. In “Earth Defense Force 5” and “Earth Defense Force 6” this time, the ending of “5” was hopeless, so there are some earths that have not been reconstructed in “6”.

As a matter of course, there is no beautiful cityscape, it is a tattered cityscape. EDF is fighting without knowing what it is protecting.

It was unlikely that the city that collapsed in the sixth work.

Mr. Okajima: It’s the first time for me to have a desperate situation that starts from such a tattered earth, so I think that it is the most challenging thing for the numbering EDF series.

So, there are many challenge points throughout the game, but we are still in the state of selecting and providing information, so the challenging part I can talk about now is the background such as the world view and the setting of the times. Shin.

This time, the action of EDF members is equipped with the action of jumping over rubble and climbing. Is there any reason to implement such an action that feels a bit like an overseas TPS?

Mr. Okajima: The city is full of rubble, and the world is like no flat road. That’s why soldiers fighting in the rubble need some action.

Pursuing playability as an action game is also an important factor in creating a new game. Even if you challenge with a new world view, if the soldier gets caught in the rubble and it is difficult to play, it will be overturned, so if you are a trained soldier, it is this that natural action comes out with a certain amount of skill. I think that it became necessary when I made such a map and the background of the times.

This time, the world view of the collapsed earth had an influence on the actions of EDF members.

Mr. Okajima: That’s right. It is difficult to explain which one comes first, but I hope you understand that the necessary actions are added to the necessary situations.

Also, even with a detailed system, playability has been pursued every time the numbering is pursued. For example, the ranger’s running action is where you had to press the push button on the left stick all the time in the previous series. You can keep running all the time just by pressing it once.

I tried it out and felt that it was definitely easier to play.

Mr. Okajima: Thank you. It seems that there were some customers who changed the key config immediately because their thumbs got tired when pushing the left stick (laughs). Improvements have been made to make it easier to play with the default operation.

Overall, I get the impression that “Earth Defense Force 6” is “as usual, but something is different.”

Mr. Okajima: If you say so, I think that the creators who are developing it are also happy.

Finally, please tell us the highlight of the gameplay of “Earth Defense Force 6”.

Mr. Okajima : The biggest highlight is how will “Earth Defense Force 6” protect the earth? is. The few humans are in a very attrition warfare against residual aliens and breeding giants. There are no citizens in the city, and they live in the basement. Even if EDF protects its citizens, it can only fight to capture the threats that come on the spot.

With that kind of feeling, even though we are no longer able to protect the earth, what can we say to protect it? I think there are many customers who feel such a contradiction and are wondering what kind of ending they will have. From “Earth Defense Force 1” to “5” so far, the theme of the battle was to protect the vested interests of humankind, the so-called blue earth and peaceful city, from invaders. But what is the protection in “6” anymore? That is a big difference. I think it’s very interesting how we can protect this earth.

I think that this area is an element that enthusiastic customers can consider and talk with each other because it is before the release. Unfortunately, the release schedule has been postponed, so please think that the period you can talk about has increased, and I hope you can imagine various things.

It was interesting to hear that behind the bold changes in the 6th series, the fact that the series had a pre- and post-structured structure also had an effect. Furthermore, it seems that the approach that shakes the definition of the series, “What should I do to protect the earth?”

Is there any hope for EDF’s new battlefield? “Earth Defense Force 6” is scheduled to be released in 2022.

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