Parkour Action ADV Sephonie -The story is influenced by historical novels such as Yoshie Hotta's Referee

This time, we will deliver a mini-interview with the developers of the parkour action-adventure ” Sephonie “ developed by Melos Han-Tani and Marina Kittaka and released on April 13 for PC / Mac .

This work is a 3D action-adventure that explores a huge cavity that spreads underground, with three biologists arriving at the uninhabited island “Sefony Island” as the main characters. Use jumps and wall runs to dynamically move around terrain with height differences, and sometimes use puzzle games to link with unknown creatures that inhabit the island and unravel the mysteries that sleep on the island. Also supports Japanese.

“Sephonie” is being delivered for 2,980 yen

First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

Mr. Melos Han-Tani (Melos) Hello, this is Melos Han-Tani. I live in Tokyo. I don’t have a favorite game (I play a lot of games for research purposes), but if I have to choose a few, “YU-NO”, ” Kentucky Route Zero “, ” Cave Story “, “El Tale” Monsters ”. A memorable atmosphere and high quality are the decisive factors!

Why did the development of this work start?

Melos I wanted to make a game about the relationship between Japan, Taiwan and the United States. For example, the power of the United States on Japan and Taiwan, and the past when Japan colonized Taiwan. We also wanted to portray the changing adventures of biologists as we explored a surrealistic cave, which became the 3D action game in this game.

Please tell us the features of this work.

Melos is packed with unique actions, and you can’t move forward without observing the surrounding 3D environment. In addition, a puzzle called “Puzzle Grid System” will appear, linking various creatures that appear in the game. And the story is surreal, emotional, and novel-quality. The story of the identity and three Taiwanese biologists (originally from Japan, the United States, and Taiwan, respectively) is depicted.

What kind of person do you want this work to be played by?

Melos We want people who like well-made stories and unique and innovative 3D gameplay to play! We also want everyone who is interested in our relationship with our country to play.

Are there any works that influenced this work?

Melos stories are influenced by historical novels such as Yoshie Hotta’s “Referee”, books such as Heike Geissler’s “Seasonal Associate”, and historical books from East and Southeast Asia. 3D actions like “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” have influenced me in stage design. Also, the 3D space that appears in this work is inspired by my photographs and my favorite walk in Tokyo.

Melos There was some delay, but since the development was done remotely, it didn’t really matter in the end. The new Corona has a little influence on the story, but if you talk any more, it will be spoiled!

Is it okay to distribute and monetize this work?

Finally, do you have a message for Japanese readers?

Melos We hope you enjoy the areas that appear in this work, from natural caves to urban spaces. Some places are influenced by Tokyo, and if you live in Tokyo, there may be some places you’ll notice like Sunshine City!

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