New version of chess flow Tyr strategy and analysis of smashing chess flow

Tsundere Pluto is really good, my 2W1 combat power young heart finally has a companion, double my wife, I’ll say goodbye!

Back to the topic, this wave of chess-playing brother’s enhancements made me invincible, the cycle time was directly reduced by between 1/4 and 1/3, and the damage bug in the latter part of skill 2 was fixed, but! ! but! ! This time, the knight chess pieces can be blocked. Can you plan to not build the castle and come to the queen, and the queen to come to the knight? Can you really fix all the pieces at one time so that they cannot be blocked? Also, can the purification of the black area not target Tyre? In the 4th phase, there are 2 phases to reduce light damage and mark damage respectively, and 4 kinds of abilities * 8 kinds of attributes can still have this 50% probability to Tyre, absolutely!

Then come to the conclusion: this is undisputed, and the next 3 is the line with the highest output (the more marks, the more you need to go offline to consume the marks). Compared with my previous infinite chess flow, the feel of the game has been slightly improved, and the fault tolerance rate has been slightly improved. However, it is recommended that even the smashing flow with the main skill 3 should click 3 to ensure the fault tolerance rate. The reason is that the speed of imprint acquisition will also bring hidden dangers. The same form There is a limit to the number of outputs in the latter stage of the next 2 skills. The gap between 10s and 7s makes it difficult to consume more than 3 extra marks in the latter stage of the 2nd skill. I often have the 1st skill CD in actual combat, but the mark has not been consumed. Finished, and the initial 3 marks provide a solid mark guarantee for the fast 1 cycle, so there is no need to worry about the consumption of the 3 skill marks in the first few rounds.

Therefore, in the current version, for the sake of feel, you can play the fast 1 cycle of the smashing chess flow, or you can play the slow 1 cycle of the chess flow (regardless of the fault tolerance rate, the number of times available in the latter stage of the 2 skill is always increased, and the feel is improved compared to the previous version), It is recommended to switch between fast 1 and slow 1 flexibly according to the situation to ensure the fault tolerance rate and feel, and the limit output is still slow 1 chess flow. For a detailed analysis, see the previous post and the reply in the building. The simple summary is that the next 3 does not require a fast 1 turn. Wang Qibiao, the right 2 imprints have a large demand and low fault tolerance, and still cannot effectively surpass the next 3 outputs when obtaining the perfect imprint order.

Let’s talk about the damage of the second skill. After fixing the bug, both the knight and the castle can be used as the main output, the queen. . Forget it, if you can’t hit the second damage, you can’t save the damage multiplier (about 70%). If you have a special martial arts, you should consider the queen’s 2-stage skill output. If you have a special martial arts, you should consider the queen’s level 2 skill output. Knight and Castle.

As for the double imprint sleeve and light + toast, this will be divided into the flow of chess and the flow of smashing chess. Let’s talk about the flow of chess first. Now I still choose the light wine set in the later stage. I have previously analyzed that the output of double imprints under the 60s cycle is similar to the output of light wine. Under the premise of better entries in the later stage, the double imprint sets are better, but now no matter the opening 3 The imprint is still 1 skill after the cd is reduced, the rate of obtaining the imprint is higher, the bonus of the double imprint sleeve is not so obvious, and it involves a fault tolerance rate, that is, the above-mentioned hidden danger, I am a light + toast. Bringing the bright moon has become the norm. In addition to the smashing flow, the speed of the skill cd increases the acquisition rate of the required imprints. The double imprint sleeve can undoubtedly ensure a higher fault tolerance rate, and the redundant imprints will not be wasted excessively. The output is higher than the light wine sleeve in the cycle.

Finally, let’s talk about the change of the current version of the chess flow compared to the previous version, which is still a slow cycle (there are many strategies for the smashing flow of station b and nga):

Little Monster Tide: At the beginning of the 2nd skill, the first attack is followed by 3 skills. That’s right, the single king chess marks the 3rd skill. For the first wave of mobs, if the mobs are still alive, use skill 1 to cut the castle and then put skills 2 in the center to clear 5-6 mobs. With 3 skills, the use of the 2 king chess mark will be the norm, because the cycle speeding up makes the time axis of the second wave of mobs difficult to align with the 3 king chess mark, depending on the actual combat situation.

When there are 3 king chess signs but there are 1-2 mobs left, there are two solutions. One is to continue to use the last part of skill 2, and then use skill 1 but first use skill 3 and then use skill 2 to save the first part. Wang Qi marks, the second is to use skill 1 for close monsters, and then try to use basic attacks to cooperate with teammates to solve the mobs within 5s, and then put skills 3 and 2 in the front of the center of the new monster tide.

BOSS level: start quick release 2 skills to attack the front and back, then quickly cut the castle close to 2 consecutive cuts, different from the previous version, single boss or double boss but farther away this version knight = castle > queen, when there is a mark Both the knight and the castle state can be exhausted. Of course, when the double boss is close, the castle>queen>knight.

Since the 1st skill CD becomes faster, there are still remaining marks in the knight form, but the 1st skill cd is good. There are three situations: 1 mark, immediately slow down the 1st skill, 2 marks, speed up the 1st skill, 3 marks, two If the king chess mark or above, put 3 skills and then slow it down by 1. If the single king chess mark, wait for 1s, then release the 2 skills after the attack, and then speed up the 1 skills. 1 skill cd is improved, in castle state and the enemy is far away from the great sword, 1 mark, slow down 1 to queen, 2 marks, fast 1 to queen, 3 marks, there is a high probability that there will be no single king in the castle form When the chess is marked, put 3 skills and then slow 1.

As for the queen form, most of the time, there will be 3 skills. In the mode of chess flow, if there is an extra mark, it will be placed in the remaining 1, and it is not common to have 2-3 marks after the 1st skill cd is improved.

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