Can you really play alone I tried playing FF14 Reborn Eorzea.

MMORPG ” Final Fantasy XIV ” operated by Square Enix . From the major update on April 12, the function that enables solo capture of the “New Eorzea” implementation content at the beginning of the game has been implemented, and it is now possible to play the main story alone.

This time, which is the third time, while touching on the “job” that is the basis of the battle system of “FF14”, we will continue to capture the content solo using the “content supporter” function!

Further evolution at level 30! Let’s learn “job”

Spa-chan, who has successfully subdued the flame savage god “Ifrit”, has begun his career as a hero of Eorzea. There is also an experience value bonus on the preferential server, and just advancing the story will raise the level .

And in “FF14”, the level of “class” such as tomoe and illusionist will be 30, and if you clear the main quest ” Aoba’s Thought “, you will be able to acquire higher “jobs”. “Job” is an evolution of each class such as Knight, Dragoon, and White Mage, and more actions can be used, and the operation feeling will be unique for each job.

In the case of Spa-chan, a tomoe technician, you can learn two jobs , ” summoner ” and ” scholar “. The summoner will be completely different from the previous Carbunclo, and will be able to summon the incarnation of Ifrit who fought a fierce battle. One scholar is a healer-type job that mainly summons fairies and puts up a strong barrier to support allies.

Both of them are originally the same tomoe technician, so it is a great specification that ” when the level of the summoner goes up, the level of the scholar goes up in conjunction with it “.

Furthermore, if you raise the job level above a certain level, you can obtain job-specific equipment called ” Artifact (AF) Equipment “. In the range of “New Eorzea”, you can acquire AF equipment by reaching level 45 and level 50. Many of them have good designs, and many players are leveling for AF equipment.

While learning the job, let’s review the basic status of equipment such as VIT and STR. These correct the player’s stats such as physical strength and physical attack power, and the stats that are emphasized differ depending on the role and job.

If it’s around level 30, you can buy it at NPC accessory stores in each city or at jewelry stores in Ul’dah. Some equipment has sub-statuses such as “Direct Hit” and “Faith”, but you don’t have to worry too much about this when you’re just playing!

Ninjas are a bit special, with the same melee DPS, but with the same DEX stats as the remote physical DPS . Choose your accessories carefully.

In addition, at level 30 where you can master jobs, you can order quests that will allow you to use the “Buddy Chocobo” feature, where your chocobo will participate in the battle. It will be a reassuring ally when proceeding solo, such as in field battles!

Keep your favorite equipment forever! “Armor projection” function

The level goes up, and it becomes a level band to graduate from beginner equipment. Some of the equipment is “This design is a little …” such as armor that completely covers the whole body. It’s my favorite character that took a lot of time, so I want to be fashionable! Functions that are useful in such cases are the “staining” and “armor projection” functions. It can be opened at Vesper Bay, where the “Sand House” is located.

The dyeing function is a function that can literally change the color of the equipment, and you can change the equipment to your favorite color using a dye called “colorant”. Colorants can be purchased from NPCs, etc., and you can also make your own if you are a crafter. Please note that some equipment, such as beginner equipment, does not support dyeing.

Another weapon projection function is a function that allows you to copy the appearance of the equipment. This is also called “Mirapuri” because it uses an item called Mirage Prism. By projecting armor, you can change the appearance to your favorite while keeping the performance of the equipment.

Let’s actually use the job! This time as well, capture with “Content Supporter”!

Once you have mastered the job, let’s use it in the actual battle! The basic operation is the same as the previous “class”, but the hot bar where the skill is placed will switch, so let’s just set it. From this time, we will capture with Spa who became a “summoner”!

~ Prison Ruins Totoraku’s Thousand Prisons ~

In search of the Sylph elder, he arrived at an underground prison called Totorak. This prison, which was once used, is now a monster’s den. This dungeon was previously officially broadcast live, and the appearance after the renovation was released earlier.

Light has been introduced into the dungeon to change the atmosphere, and visibility such as the height of the ceiling and the width of the road has also improved. Small elements such as the ” spider web ” that hindered the progress, the ” exploding cocoon ” and the ” heavy floor “, and the ” photocell ” that cannot be advanced unless picked up are removed, enabling a smooth capture. The map has also been greatly simplified, such as becoming a straight road.

The final boss is “Grafias” with a huge poison needle, and fights while avoiding the explosion of the cocoon generated at his feet. Destroying the tail will greatly increase the damage done, so let’s attack with priority!

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