Buyer's Guide to look back on the charm of Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magical World

Readers, Spacio! (Come on!) “Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magical World” released in late March is a special fantasy FPS with a sound inspired by “Harry Potter” against the background of the sword and the magical world. is. The name is also a high-tension medieval FPS named “Hya Fantasy”.

A gun in the Middle Ages? That should be it, this work has the appearance of a table talk RPG in which the series character “Tiny Tina” acts as a bunker master (game master), and it is up to Tina to make an appearance. And Tina is a kid who loves explosions. There is even a rocket launcher, which is the beginning of a gun. Moreover, there is the first “melee weapon” category in the series.

In this article, we will discuss the appeal of this work and “the material for deciding whether to buy or not” at the timing when the first DLC “ Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magical World: The Captive of the Coiled ” has just come out. I will deliver it.

First of all, I will tell you the details of the “character class” that makes it easy to proceed with the game and is familiar with the world view / game play of this work!

Which class is best for you to enjoy the flavors of this product?

The feature of ” Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magical World ” is “flavor”. The flavor here is “an element that enriches the world view.” If you are new to the flavors of this game, it is a good idea to set the class to “Stabomancer” as an introduction. The ability “Ghost Blade” that can be used in this class has the effect of “damaging according to the attack power of the equipped melee weapon”, and you can enjoy “strategy of selection of melee weapons” while being FPS. is.

However, the play style is not “for FPS beginners”. You can fully enjoy the flavor of this work, but it is a class for gamers who are accustomed to playing FPS to some extent.

If you want to make the game easier, “Spore Warden” may be a good choice. This class chooses between an action skill that shoots an arrow and an action skill that creates three “frost cyclones”, but the cyclone follows the enemy, so the ability to wipe out mobs is high. In addition, the skill tree has something that “the companion will revive”, which is also suitable for solo play.

The element “subclass” of this work expands the possibilities of character build. Specifically, you will be able to choose the second class from the middle of the game. You can extend either skill tree, and you are free to acquire abilities. Thanks to this, you can also make special builds for shooting damage and special builds for magic damage. Skill points can also be reset and rebuilt, but be aware that the class you choose cannot be changed.

In any case, the performance may change with the update (actually it has changed), but since you can select the “difficulty” that affects only you, it is a door for those who want to fight relaxedly and those who want to fight severely. Is open.

Fun unique to the “Borderlands” series

The localization quality is still high, the talk as a table talk RPG is interesting, and you can enjoy the interaction between characters very much. The “entanglement” of the main characters including Tina is very fun to watch, and the player will jump into such a humorous world view after creating the first character in the series (!). By the way, you can recreate the character as many times as you like by using the facilities in the city.

In terms of battle location, the siege battle is just the beginning, and there are a lot of variations, such as adventuring with a huge bean tree or going to the bottom of the sea where the water is completely empty. The number of ammunition possessions is set to be a bit astringent, but when the assault rifle is used up, you can switch to a submachine gun and enjoy a well-balanced strategic play.

Of course, the attribute elements that appeared in the conventional series are also continuously thrown. Although the name has changed, “Lightning” which is strong against enemy shields, “Frost” which freezes enemies with “Poison” which is effective for enemies with a yellow armor HP bar, and “Fire” which is outstandingly effective against living enemies. In addition to the attributes that have appeared so far, “Dark Magic” has been added (radiation is sent off). “Dark Magic” is an attribute that absorbs the enemy’s HP and will be useful in a pinch.

The FERIORE gun, which was not TEDIORE, reloads by throwing a gun (!), But I was surprised that there was a special one that a three-necked dragon would shoot at the throwing point. increase.

What kind of person does “Wonderlands” stick to?

In the first place, the “Borderlands” series is also a “cooperative play FPS”. The fun of playing with friends is irreplaceable, and it will be a very exciting and joyful play. When the legendary drops or when you defeat a strong enemy, there is no doubt that you can share the joy and enjoy yourself.

Even if there is a level difference between players, the fun is not impaired. The strength and attack power of the enemy is scaled according to the level of each player, so level 1 players and level 20 players can fight together. This is an improvement from “Borderlands 3”.

The first DLC was released on April 20, and this kind of “spreading with additional content” is also one of the attractive points of this work. In conclusion, this is a buy for those who want to enjoy root shooters and those who want to play cooperatively. Because it is cross-platform, it can be played between PC version and PS4 version players.

However, it can be said that it is not suitable for gamers who cannot maintain motivation such as “collecting items” and “strengthening characters”. Nora’s cooperative play is also prepared as a system, but it seems that “cooperation” does not hold much. However, the story of this work is well-kneaded, and from the scenario progress that does not rely much on the backbone of the series, it is a good impression that it is made for people who do not know the series.

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